Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let me waste a few minutes writing about snow

I have not had much inspiration to write about lately.  I could write about the great Youth Group lesson we had last week.  I could write about how the Behold Conference is coming along.  I could write about my sister's creative wedding plans.

But instead, I think I will write about snow.

Things I don't like about snow:
1. Driving in it.
2. That is all.

Things I love about snow:
1. How it can take the bleakest, ugliest, barest winter landscape and cover it in pure, white, beauty.
2. Of the above mentioned beauty, snow covered trees are gorgeous and are my favorite thing to look at post-snow-fall.  
3. Snow is fun: snowball fights, snow angels, snow forts, etc.  I also really like sledding, but as a kid growing up on a flat farm, we didn't have a lot of great sledding opportunities.  Therefore, my best sledding experience was off the barn roof.  Awesome.  Maybe I'll do that again this weekend.  I'll call you from the ER to let you know how it goes.
4. Call me weird (I know), but I love kicking the dirty/frozen/snow/slush clumps off of the fenders of my car.  They fall off with the most satisfying clunk.  I actually enjoy it so much that I have to refrain myself from kicking the snow clumps off of strangers' cars in parking lots.  But don't worry, I hold myself back.
5. And another thing that I love about snow is snow days, official or unofficial.  As a certified homebody, any reason to stay sequestered at home is awesome.  There is nothing that I enjoy more than finding drifts two feet high outside of my window, and then using it as an excuse to A. grab a blanket (or two), B. make a cup of hot chocolate, and C. proceed to read a book from cover to cover.

Bring on the snow.

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