Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Doors to the Sacraments {Baptism}

My classroom religion curriculum centers around the Sacraments.  As my students make project about the seven Sacraments to add to their Fulton Sheen Notebooks, I have always displayed their work in the hall, but this year our bulletin boards were moved to uncover some windows to let in natural light (yay!).  I decided to use our door to display the students' work, and also use it to remind them of the new life that the Sacraments offer us- a door to grace.

For our Baptism door, we displayed the students Baptism Certificates (available through our textbook publisher here).  I also created a large Paschal Candle using butcher paper and a banner that says, "In our Baptism we received the light of Christ. Now we go out to share it!"

We continued these displays throughout the year with the rest of the Sacraments.  It was a great way to not only display the students' work for the school, but to also to keep them mindful of the important role the Sacraments play in our lives as Catholics.

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