Sunday, November 29, 2015

Advent: Sunday Scripture Doodles

One of my favorite ways to meditate with Scripture is to do this:

Scripture doodling. That's what I'm calling it anyways.  It helps me focus, helps me memorize, and helps me treasure God's Word.  I often spend time doodling on Sundays using the Sunday Readings from Mass.  Today, as I sat down to pray, I realized that the first Sunday of Advent, the beginning of a new Liturgical Year, is a great time for, well, a new year's resolution.  So I've decided to be a little more intentional about this idea.  I broke out an unused journal, labeled the top of each page with all the coming Sundays this year, and started today.  My goal is to spend time meditating on the Readings for each Sunday for the rest of the year and doodle a selected verse every week.  I'll be documenting the journey each Sunday on Instagram using the hashtag #SundayReadingsScriptureDoodle.  Come follow along, and jump in if you like!

In the meantime, here are four prayer cards for you from the four Sundays of Advent.  Each has a verse from the First Reading of that Sunday with a promise from one of the prophets.  Feel free to print and color them to help you pray and remember the purpose of this Advent.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Almost Advent!

The Solemnity of Christ the King is THIS WEEKEND!  Already!  The end of the Liturgical Year just snuck right up on me, which is exactly what it is not suppose to do. (hello, Sunday readings.) The blow is softened however, because every end also means a new beginning, and this beginning brings Advent.  I LOVE Advent.  The preparing, the waiting, the hope, the peaceful promise.

Here are some ideas for you to use with your kiddos to keep and celebrate the season of Advent:

Looking for music to keep you in the season?  Check out this Advent Song Playlist:

And videos are always a great addition in the classroom:

Printable Advent Candles for an Advent Wreath:

What Advent Looks Like printable:

Wandering Wise Men: 
An alternate activity to Elf on the Shelf, I used the Wise Men from our classroom Nativity to emphasize the waiting and preparing and seeking that is required of us during Advent.  Click on the images to go to the posts with 15 different ideas.


Seeking our Savior: An Advent Detective Journey based on Scripture, showing how Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in Christ.  Printable coloring book, Scripture cards, mini craft projects, and a leaders guide.

 Advent Jeopardy Trivia games here and here.

 Party Like a Saint- A December-Saint-Themed Advent Party with crafts and games.

What if they had email?  Youth Group Advent lesson idea putting the Christmas story in a new perspective.

 A Stocking For Jesus: Activities to go along with the book, including some Advent printables.

Nativity Photo Booth, putting all of those Nativity play costumes and props to good use!

Advent Prayer Ring- Great for Youth Groups or Bible Studies:

My Gift- An Epiphany Readers' Theater:

How will you be keeping Advent this year?

Monday, November 16, 2015

What Advent Looks Like

Can you believe it is almost time for Advent?  I'm working on rounding up some great activities to celebrate the season with, but in the meantime, here is a new printable with symbols of the stories of Advent.  Click on the image to take you to the free pdf:

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Morning and Evening Prayer

"This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad!" ~Psalm 118:24

The new prayers that my students will be working on next are the Morning Offering and Evening Prayer. Click on either of the images below to print a set of prayer cards for each prayer: 

The cards print four per page and have a front (title, image, scripture verse) and a back (text of prayer).  You can print them two sided or only print the actual prayer, whatever works best for your situation!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Prayer for the Faithful Departed

Today, All Souls Day, we commemorate those who have died.  The best way to remember our loved ones, and all the faithful departed, is to pray for them.  To help my students do that (and in connection to our litany to the Saints last week) I created these prayer cards with the Eternal Rest prayer on one side and a place to list specific people on the back.

We plan to use this prayer card for the rest of the month as November is dedicated to praying for all souls in purgatory.  It would also be a great resource any time of the year to teach about the Spiritual Works of Mercy, or for kids who are experiencing a death and working through grief.  (You may be interested in my post on Helping Kids Grieve.)

Both the images of the Paschal Lamb and the Paschal Candle draw our minds to heaven, to the mercy of the Lamb of God, and to the hope of eternity with Him.

Click on the image below to print your own prayer cards.  It is a two sided printable with four cards per page.

How are you praying with your kids this All Souls Day?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

12+ Ideas for Celebrating All Saints Day

Who is ready to learn and pray and party on All Saints Day this Sunday!  There are so many fun ways to celebrate this Solemnity.  I am enjoying discussing Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day with my students as we prepare this week.  I've gathered up some of the activities that we are doing (or have done in the past) that might help you celebrate with your kids as well.

1. Here's a new Happy All Saints Day coloring page: (Click on image for the file)
2. Litany of the Saints prayer cards:
We are using these for the first time this year, and my students really like them.  I took the general opening/closing for most litanies and put it on one side of the prayer cards.  On the other side they get to create their own "All Star" cast. Oh, and we'll be listening to this song this week as well.
These print four per page and are two sided. Click on the image below to go to the file:

3. We love this All Saints Day art project.  This year they will be on display at our whole parish All Saints Day celebration.  Click on the image to go to a post with step-by-step instructions and ideas:

4. If a whole art project won't be in the works this week, I have several Saints coloring pages you can use instead. The growing list of coloring pages can be found under this tab and then under the Saints heading.

 5. You could quickly make these easy Saint shrines.  This one features St. Joseph, but you could have each student pick a different Saint and then display them all together.  Click on the image for the post with details:

 6. Practice some writing skills and intercessory prayer with these All Saints and All Souls Day Letters.  Click on either image to go to the post:

 7. You could play this Beatitude and Modern Saints game, which is modeled after the idea of Old Maid, but introduces kids to facts about eight modern Saints and the Beatitude they exemplified.  And instead of the "Old Maid" card, there is a "Bad-Attitude" card in the mix.  (Get it? Be-attitude, bad-attitude...I know, groan.)  Click on the image to go to the post:

8. Here's a whole playlist of videos on YouTube about Saints or the Canonization process.  Click on the image to go to the post:

9. Tying All Hallows Eve in with All Saints and All Souls Day has been a part of my curriculum for several years.  This post has a mini coloring book and many coloring pages about those topics. Click on the image to go to the post:

In that post, there is an All Saints Day page with a list of great Saints who can be intercessors in kids lives.  I love to introduce them to new Saints and give them some heavenly heroes to look up to and be inspired by. They also love using the Saints Name Generator to learn about new Saints and chose patrons.  Click on the image to go to the post:

10. An easy and cool art project is to make giant Saint medal using tin foil and a coloring page of a Saint (or student drawing).  I always have the kids make Miraculous Medals like this during our St. Maximilian Kolbe unit, but this year I had several early finishers ask if they could make a Saint medal too.  Here we have St. Max:

Sts. George, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Hubert, and Christopher:

And St. John Paul II. Click on any of those images to read about our Miraculous Medals and you can use the same technique for Saints.

11. This post gives you seven ideas for celebrating a Patron Saint Day (ours is St. Joseph) but many of the ideas would transfer to All Saints Day as well.  Click on the image to go to the post:

12.  We aren't actually doing this on All Saints Day, but this year my class is making a point to celebrate the specific patron Saints of each class with them throughout the school year.  So on St. Vincent de Paul's feast day, we sent 2nd Grade a card, and on St. John Paul II's feast day we sent one to 3rd grade, etc.  You wouldn't have to wait all year though- using a list of classroom Saints, have your class send each of them a card on All Saints Day.

So there you have it!  Tons of options, so don't let this great Solemnity pass you by! :)
How will you be celebrating All the Saints with the kids in your life?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Immaculate Heart of Mary & Hail Holy Queen Prayer Cards

I've been working on creating prayer cards to help my students add to their arsenal of memorized prayers. I've created two different versions of a prayer card with an image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on one side and the Hail Holy Queen prayer on the other.  Click on any of the pictures below for the printables:

You might also like my Immaculate Heart of Mary coloring pages which can be found here.