Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mother Teresa Quote Coloring Pages


Mother Teresa, icon of charity and mercy, will be canonized this fall.  This step cements her as an example for everyone of radically living out our Christian vocations.  I think that there is no better time to introduce or revisit her incredible wisdom.  Enjoy these Mother Teresa quote coloring pages for yourself, share them with kiddos, a Bible Study, or a friend!

Click on each image to download the full sized pdf:

"Do not think love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary.  What we need is to love without getting tired." ~Mother Teresa
"Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love." ~Mother Teresa
 "Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness." ~Mother Teresa
 "I am a small pencil in God's hand." ~Mother Teresa

Friday, July 22, 2016

Free ebook for you! {Print. Cut. Pray. Prayer Card Collection}

You guys, I am so excited. (!)

I have been working hard collecting, refining, and editing the prayer cards I've been using in my classroom and compiled them together into a 90 page ebook! The book has all of the prayer cards in one organized place, and includes some new additions and revisions to make them even better.

I love to use these prayer cards with my students for many reasons: (and I think that they would work great for you personally, for your kids at home, in a youth group or Bible study, etc. as well)
-they are a uniform size which makes for easy printing, cutting, or storing
-they help aid students to memorize new prayers and review prayers they have formerly learned
-they can create a great resource for private prayer time or adoration
-there are both prayer cards and mini books in the ebook- including Bible studies, devotions, and liturgical celebrations
-each prayer card/mini book features original illustrations that can be fun to color, make the prayers more memorable, and easier to locate in a collection
-as a teacher, even I am excited that they are now all organized in one place so that I can pull out the book and print exactly what I need

If you are curious about what is included, here's the table of contents:

If you would like to get yourself a copy of this ebook, I am offering it as a thank you to my email subscribers!

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Let me know what you think! I hope that the ebook is a handy resource in your home or classroom!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Doors to the Sacraments {Baptism}

My classroom religion curriculum centers around the Sacraments.  As my students make project about the seven Sacraments to add to their Fulton Sheen Notebooks, I have always displayed their work in the hall, but this year our bulletin boards were moved to uncover some windows to let in natural light (yay!).  I decided to use our door to display the students' work, and also use it to remind them of the new life that the Sacraments offer us- a door to grace.

For our Baptism door, we displayed the students Baptism Certificates (available through our textbook publisher here).  I also created a large Paschal Candle using butcher paper and a banner that says, "In our Baptism we received the light of Christ. Now we go out to share it!"

We continued these displays throughout the year with the rest of the Sacraments.  It was a great way to not only display the students' work for the school, but to also to keep them mindful of the important role the Sacraments play in our lives as Catholics.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Animals for Peg Doll Nativities

It's July, but I know I'm not the only one thinking about Christmas already! :) 
Last year I made my niece this Peg Doll Nativity and my Goddaughter these Saints & Cathedral.  They were a big hit, and I've continued making pieces and gifts throughout the year. 

My niece, like most toddlers, lovessssss animals, so the addition of a barnyard was necessary.  I kept looking for unpainted wooden animal cut outs, but came up unsatisfied, so instead used some basic (and cheap) unpainted wooden shapes to create animals to put in her nativity. 

I used 2" blocks, 1.5" blocks, 2.5" eggs, and 2" knobs.  (All my sources are linked below)  The wooden knobs were a better choice than plain spheres because they are flat on one side and will stand up.

You could be super creative and make all kinds of animals, but here is what I ended up with for the nativity:

Camels for each Wise Man:

A donkey:
A little bird:
A kitten:
And a puppy:

They all fit nicely inside her stable with the peg doll nativity people. Right now she likes stacking the blocks and knocking them over, but maybe someday she'll use them to tell the story of our Savior's birth. :)

 ~ ~ ~

Here are some of my favorite supplies, some of which I have ordered several times. I've been nothing but pleased with the quality:

(Note that the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase through the link, I receive a small percentage at no cost to you.  I'll probably just use it to buy supplies for my classroom, or more books, so thanks!)

Wood Doll Bodies - Woman 3-1/2 inch - Bag of 10
Wood Doll Bodies - Man 3-9/16 inch - Bag of 10

Wood Blocks 1.5 Inches 
Wood Eggs 2-1/2"
2 inch wood cubes
Unfinished Wood Ball Knob, Natural, 2-Inch

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lovely Coloring Pages

Who doesn't enjoy a lovely coloring page?  I've got a few pretty pages to share with you today.  The first was made for a fabulous conference I attended last weekend and the other two are cleaned up doodles you may have seen on Instagram earlier this year.

You can click on any of the images to download & print each page.

First up, Mary's Fiat from Luke 1:38:
"Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord, may it be done to me according to your word."

"There is nothing we can desire or want that we do not find in God." St. Catherine of Siena:

"The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for all that He, in His goodness, sends to us day after day." ~St. Gianna Molla

P.S. You might also like all the Quote Coloring pages under the Teaching with Fulton Sheen tab, too!

And while you're here, take the time to go enter the Beautiful giveaway- seven lovely items that would be perfect for you or a gift for a friend.  The giveaway closes at midnight on Friday, so just a few more days to enter!

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Beautiful Things Giveaway!

In celebration of the Why Make Beautiful Things series (and my birthday) I'd like to give YOU some gifts!  I have seven beautiful things that can help you host like Shirley, cherish like Betsy, dress like Danielle, and decorate like Bonnie.  I hope there is something lovely that you would like to have or give to someone you love.  Scroll down to the bottom for your chance to enter!

First up, here's where you can find our generous donors on social media.  Go visit them, browse their creations, and maybe support their small businesses.  I chose them because they make beautiful things- I hope you love their work as much as I do.

***Fawnly Prints***
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***Kayla Phillips Design***
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***[un]common workbasket***
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And now for the beautiful line-up.  Here are the seven items in the giveaway:

Psalm 16:6 11x14 Print from Kayla Phillips Design:

8x10 Watercolor print from Fawnly Prints:

Immaculate Heart of Mary 8x10 print from The Society of Saints:

Vintage Linens- four blue dinner napkins and printed fruit tea towel from Betsy herself:

Yellow Rose half apron made from vintage linens from [un]common workbasket:

Beloved metal stamped antique brass necklace, 24" chain from [un]common workbasket:

Life is Beautiful, Dress Accordingly 8x10 handlettered on vintage dictionary page from [un]common workbasket:

Good luck!  You can enter here for your chance to win.  There are seven prizes and there will be seven winners.  First step- comment below with which prize you would most like to win.  You can even rank them if you like.  :)  Then go on to the rafflecopter entries.  This way when the winners are chosen, I'll do my best to match up the winner with their favorite prizes.

The giveaway is open until midnight on July 1st.  Because I have to mail the gifts, winners must have a US mailing address.  Feel free to share on social media :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Decorating for Holidays & Holy Days {Guest Post}

Today I'm honored to host Bonnie of A Knotted Life with a reflection on why she dedicates time and effort to decorating her home for the changing seasons, holidays, and holy days.  Bonnie endured being my campus minister in college and while our relationship has grown into deep friendship, she still is a voice of reason, support, and challenge in my life.  We love a lot of the same things- her six fabulous kiddos (including her oldest, who is my Goddaughter), Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, and sharing the truth and beauty of the Catholic Church.  It's a joy to know Bonnie, and I hope her post today shares a little of the joy that can be found making your home a place of celebration.

Decorating for Holidays and Holy Days

At least once a month I change up the decorations in my house. The rotation goes something like this: January: snowmen / general wintery coziness
February: hearts / more wintery coziness
March: Lenten burlap, purple, more "white space"
April: Easter baskets, flowers, eggs, bunnies, adorablenss
May: more Easter / general Spring-y flowers and whatnot
June: simple summer / Sacred Heart / fresh flowers
July: patriotic / fresh flowers
August: simple flowers / Back to School
September: Back to School / general pumpkiny fall
October: Halloween / pumpkins / purple, green, orange, and black
November: harvest / pumpkins / Thanksgiving
December: Advent / Christmas

I work in other feast days plus birthdays and our anniversary as they happen but the outline is pretty much always the same. In our home the bookshelves, mantel, chalkboard, and dining room table all play host to my ever changing decorations. Sometimes the windows even get in on the act, thanks to bargain bin window clings for the kids.
Why do I do it? For three reasons. First, because decorations are a simple way that I can bring the rhythm of the Church's liturgical year into our home. This is helpful for me as a mom - the decorations add an extra emphasis on what we are celebrating or why we are fasting. They are a sort of visual aid for my children as I teach them about saints, Jesus' love for us, doctrines of our faith, and the culture of our catholic Catholic church. But really it's not just for the kids - even as a 34 year old woman I find it much easier to enter into the liturgical seasons, the feasting and the fasting, if I am reminded of them by my surroundings.
Second, my mom did it and I have many strong memories of the extra magic and charm it added to our home and my childhood. Autumn *began* when Mom put out the pumpkins, her ghost-carrying-a-jack-o-lantern light, and the little scarecrow she had sewn and stuffed. Christmas *arrived* when we hung the lights on our tree, laid evergreen boughs around the house, and set up her Christmas Dickens village. And so on. It was thrilling to me. I loved helping her set up all her decorations just so and I loved the way our house looked and felt when each season had been properly ushered in by Mom's decorations. Beautifully decorating the home was a special part of my childhood and its something I treasure. Continuing that tradition for my own kids is something I hope will add just as much charm to their own childhoods. Already the kids love decorating days. They love to help me set up nativities, find the perfect spot for the pumpkins, and place the fresh flowers cut from our yard in just the right spot.
Third and most importantly, I like it. My house is prettier and more inviting when I take the time to decorate it. I always clean as I move about my objects, and the dusted surfaces with their fresh flowers or twinkling lights or sentimental pretty trinket - well they make me happy. I decorate my home with pictures, prints, statues, flowers, and knick-knacks that mean something to me. The meaningful, intentional beauty that I spread through the house means there is always something lovely for me to look at, always something I can rest my eyes on to help me quiet the world around me. Of course, I believe it also makes my home more pleasant for everyone who lives or visits there, but it is a priority to me because I enjoy it.
I don't craft. I don't make things. I can't sew or knit or paint. But I can arrange things.
And there's something to that.

I loved hosting Bonnie today!  Her home is always welcoming, and without a doubt, it is fun to see how she has creatively decorated for the current season each time I visit.  What's your favorite season to decorate for?  Do you have any tips for making your home special and unique for holidays and holy days?  Chime in on social media or in the comments below.

You can follow along with Bonnie and find more of her liturgical decorating:
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